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HARDLIFE! is a hardcore band from C¾rdoba, Argentina, formed at the beginning of 1997.
Their music is fast hardcore, fierce and agressive,with a little of punk music.
Their Lyrics are social, they talk about the problems that people suffer and hate, mostly joung people.
Band with members that helped to grow and to diffuse the scene Hardcore of South America, more of 15 years of scene and they continue like in their first times.
xFelixx - Vocals, AgustÝn - Guitar, Mostro - bass and Fedex - Drums
In this years of activity they┤ve showed in a lot (almost all) Hardcore-punk festivals made in C¾rdoba city, they also have played in: Rio Ceballos, Alta Gracia, Rio Tercero, Rio Cuarto, all citys in C¾rdoba province.
They also had the chane to play in other citys like: S. S. de Jujuy (Jujuy), San Juan (san Juan), S.M. de Tucumßn (Tucumßn), Rosario (Sta. Fe), Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, and citys of Santa Cruz Province and Rawson.
Soon the band will play in Mendoza, Jujuy, La Rioja, Entre RÝos, Neuquen, Mendoza and other provinces.
In January of 2003 the band roud for the Patagonia (south of Argentina) for a month, in July and August the band roud for Brazil.
We play in the festivals hardcore but important of Latin America, festival Hardcore of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Paralocos (Argentina), Hardcore Lives (Argentina), Rockdoba (Argentina) and many but.
The discography of the band is:
- KAOSREPRESIVO ¿No Queremos Mas!¿ 1░ Demo CD/tape Karavana Records
- HARDLIFE ¿Iniciando el Cambio¿ It will be edited and distributed for uncountable distros and record companys worldwide for friends of Fuerza unida Records (United Force Records)
Also the band participate in severial local mix albums, national and international records.
The band shared shows with:Dead Kennedys(Usa), Manu Chao (Francia, ex vocalist of Mano Negra), Tidal (Alemania), xMaroonx (Alemania), Abuso Sonoro (Brasil), Carahter (Brasil), Fun People [Bs As], Eterna Inocencia (Bs As), Bulldog [Rosario] , Otra Salida (Bs As), Accion Reaccion (Bs As), Todo Mal (Bs As), Buzzer (Bs As), Ni±os Enfermos (Bs As), Emociones Perdidas (Bs As), xNueva Eticax (Bs As), Matakarneros (Bs As), Minoria Activa (Bs As), Igual Jerarquia (Bs As) and a lot more bands from Buenos Aires, Sobredocis, Metarmorfosis and more from Sta Fe(provincia), Locked and Zaqueo de Rosario, Mostomalta and Sin Anestesia (mendoza) , Tiempo de Cambio, xEl Jefex and more from Rio Gallegos, Ateos, la oveja punk and more from Rawson, Remache Hc, Muchas Victimas and more from Comodoro Rivadavia, Causa de Accion, Explosion de Nervios, Kid Feeling and more bands from RÝo IV, Sol Perpetuo and more bands fromTucumßn. Stridor, Malaria and more from Jujuy and Salta, Inadaptados and Extremo Peligroso from San Juan, Open Your Eyes, Pecadores and more bands from Rio III, Eleccion, Da±o Cerebral, Pica Sesos, Codigo Morse, Hc Diputados, Forma de Vida, Guaska, Santa Rosa, Insumision, N.O.D. and more bands from C¾rdoba (some still there others broken apart) and diferent citys.
Hardlife! played with bands of diferent music styles like: Manu Chao in Pajas Blancas Center at the end of 2000 in front of 3500 peoples and in a protest festival they played with: Javier Calamaro,Falta y Resto (Uruguay), Medio Vißtico, Los R·sticos del viejo Sue±o(cba), La mula Rocanrol(cba) y Armando Flores (cba), in this festival HARDLIFE! played for more of 10000 poeple.
We must say that in that festivals HARDLIFE had a very good response from the audience, without a doubt this ones are 2 of the many tests the band have knowed acomplish with a great success.
Actualy the band keep showing their powerfull show in everywhere they play, their music is a download of energy, adrenlin and strenght, followed for social lyrics.
HARDLIFE! is a band to enjoy, have fun, think, make friends and share opinions and ideas